Peacheez Phamily

Once, long ago, in a small town by the Pacific Ocean, a little redhaired girl was born. This was ME. I spent my time playing with my older sister and younger brother. Also those usual things like school and chores. We were a very musical family. My father played the accordian and my mother danced, and we all sang together. As time moved on my sister and I played piano, organ and accordian. My brother is a great dancer, the Polka being one of his specialities. We are of German descent, our ancestors having migrated from Germany to Russia at the time Catherine the Great, a German Princess, married the Russian Prince, Peter the I. Some of our family names are: KLAMM, TRIPPEL, STUMF AND UHL. On my maternal side, HORCH, ECKHARDT, LUNG AND FOOS. Our ancestral village in Russia was located along the Volga River and called Warenburg in English.

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