The beginnings of Carolyn's "Rock Village".  Most of the kids and grandkids have painted a rock, we have homes, shops, church, temple, even a missile silo! Hope we get lots more!

This part of the rock village is the Plan of Salvation...the large white rock is the Pre-existence, the blue rock is earth life (between earth and the graves is the birth of the Savior) with the graveyard stones representing death. The Gold, Silver and Copper colored sparkly rocks are the 3 kingdoms of glory.

Our temple rock!

Caterpillar rock

Italian Villa rock

Kitty rock

cave rock

Our tiny garden 2018

Some produce from our winter garden!

I love our beautiful roses!

Petunias around our Jacaranda tree.

Cactus flower

This pretty flower is a Columbine.  I planted it last year and it came back!  I love that kind!

Our wonderful Jacaranda tree. The kids gave it to me for Mother's day a few years ago.