Jacob Micah Gurr



  Jacob with his "Duty to God" award...
it takes six years of service and faithfulness for a young man to earn this award.

Jacob just before he earned his Eagle Scout Rank.

Archery at camp Gilchrist
Jacob is the third from the left behind this gigantic flag. His older brother, Jonah is 9th from the right
and their close friend David Dalton is the 3rd from the right.

Cute Jacob ready for church

Jacob's baptism


Jacob loved his giant bottle of Costco dill pickles!









Jacob's blessing day-March, 1991




Serving in the CA/Anaheim ASL mission, April 2010-2012

Saying goodbye to family at the MTC

This is a photo of some of my brothers and dad on my "missionary farewell" Sunday...

Back row from left:  Devin Jameson, Jonah, Jared, Dad, Justin

Front row from left: Jordan, me, Jason

Jacob & the Stake President


This cloud is signing 'I LOVE YOU' to our good Jacob.


We picked up Jacob from his mission in Anaheim, so of course

we had to go to Disneyland!  Justin & Rachel's family went with us, so it was lots of fun!

Jacob asked a wonderful Sister that he Baptized who happened to work at DisneyLand to see if she could help us get

into Disneyland at a discount. She got out entire group in for Free!!!! What a wonderful benefit (thanks Jacob)

Jessica made this for Jacob. He was to open one each day she was away serving her mission!



Wedding day...June 14, 2014


New baby Nathaniel Richard Gurr-2015!



We had a going away party for Jacob and Jessica before they moved to Logan Utah

Jeanie is signing to Jacob as he holds his niece, Caroline Elizabeth Jameson.

Handsome little guy!

2018 Christmas card!  Cute Cora's 1st Christmas!


New baby sister for Nate!

Cordelia Gurr-2018


Cute Nate and his new sister, Cora!

Beautiful sleeping Cora!

Beautiful Cordelia in her blessing dress.  Her mom made this from her wedding dress!









































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Jacob and Jessica's Family Page Two