Jerry and Carolyn Gurr family beginnings....



Our Family's Beginning...










Our Beautiful Christmas tree!


Our wedding Invitation photo...



We were sealed for time and all eternity in the Salt Lake City, Utah Temple on November 9, 1973.


ABSOLUTELY The Best Day of my life!!!!!

As well as the Happiest Day of my life!!!! We are starting on our first million years together! Oh Boy!

what a treasure she is to me and our downline,

I'd be nothing without her

The women in our wedding line...left to right...Leesa Gurr Sasser, Julie Gurr Souter, Pat Gurr Masters,

LaRue Gurr, bride (Carolyn Gregory Gurr), Lillian West Gurr,

Cheryl (the woman I baptized from my mission in Jacksonville Florida, who brought us together,

thank you cheryl a million times over),

Lori Gurr Egbert.  The little girls in front are Bob and Lillian's

daughters...Karyn Gurr and Cherilyn Gurr Taylor.

YUM, I love this Woman!!!!!

The men in our wedding line...Richard G. Gregory, Jim Walker, groom (Jerry Gurr), Wilford Gurr, Jr., Robert Gurr.

The two girls sitting on Jerry's lap were Carolyn's roommates at BYU.


Carolyn's wedding dress, later worn also by sister-in-law Julie Gurr Souter and by daughter, Judith Marian Gurr Hall.





Our very first (of many) pomeranian-Rusty.  We had only been married less than a month when we were driving on the freeway and I said, "Jerry, there's a little fox!".  Jerry stopped the car and the 'little fox' jumped in and we had him for many years.  It was a long time before we even knew his breed, but he loved us very much and even tried to 'save' me once.  I had just gotten into the water to try to water ski when Rusty began to circle the edge of the boat and whimper...then he mustered up all his courage and jumped in to save me!  I couldn't go water-skiing after that.

Extra cute wife!!!



precious Jeremy-I thought he was the most beautiful baby in the world!


Senior high school photo


Carolyn's family photos...

This was their wedding day...their only photo! Mom & dad got married on their 3rd date!


Carolyn's parents...Georgia Mae Klam Gregory & Richard Bennett Gregory




Carolyn's granddaddy John Bennett Gregory and his brother, Rice Edward Gregory (same name as his father, but I've never seen Jr. by his name)


Carolyn's great-grandmother, Judith Ann Jennings Gregory


Carolyn's great-grandfather, Rice Edward Gregory


Carolyn's dad (Richard Bennett Gregory) with his sister (Judith Carolyn Gregory Meuth) at mom's funeral. 

Mom (Georgia Mae Klam Gregory) passed away May 20, 2012.

IMG_2605 2.jpeg

Carolyn's Aunt Judy Gregory Meuth and her kids...from the left Santa (I think this is Delbert), Ann, Sabra, Roger and Linda kneeling by Aunt Judy.


Baby photos of Carolyn...


Carolyn & her little brother, Jimmy-1960



baby photos of Carolyn-she and her older brother,

Richard were called Bubby & Sissy by the family, and to this day are still called Bub & Sis.

Believe it or not, I actually remember this dress!  I thought it was gorgeous!! 

It was pale purple on the bottom and dark purple velvet on the top.


Standing in the back is Carolyn's mom, Georgia. I don't know the next 3 people. The other older lady is Grandmother, Ethel Remole Gregory. Seated in front of her is Uncle Arnold Gregory, then Carolyn's dad-Richard Bennett Gregory. Carolyn is the toddler in the right front corner. Baby in the high chair is Jimmy Gregory.


This photo group is from my mom's album...some can be read. 
The original picture is in one of our family albums and very tiny. The history was too important to not include on this site.


Carolyn Ann growing up...





Carolyn's two brothers, Richard George Gregory (bub) and James Bennett Gregory (Jimmy). 

Bub is the blond in the sailor uniform and Jimmy has the darker hair.

Some photos of family and Carolyn's sister, Marian Susan Gregory.  Mari-Sue has always had gorgeous red hair.

Susie lived in Arizona for a few years and here she is singing a Christmas Carol with Grandma Gurr and Lori.


Note from Carolyn's mom about this photo...

Hi:  This pix was sent to us by Frank Bale.  I will see if I can get the story straight:  1st person, Mrs. Bale, mother of Frank Bale, me (Georgia Mae Klam Gregory) and Joan MacDonald's little sister, Mary Jane.  Frank Bale was in the same class as Aunt Marianne, and also sang in the Acapella Choir with us.  He was an only child.  Joan MacDonald, sister to Mary Jane & I were good friends.  Her father, Jack MacDonald was the radio announcer for the San Francisco Seals ball team.  Dom, Vince & Joe DiMaggio began their ball careers with the Seals.  My father, George Klam was a good friend to Jack MacDonald.  Every Sat. & Sun. he would sit in the announcer's booth with Joan's father during the game.  Joan & I had our seats behind homeplate.  This is where I met the DiMaggio brothers.  Joan & Mary Jane had an older sister, Lyla, who dated Merv Griffin.  Merv wanted to marry her, but she turned him down for a fellow named Tommy.  I often wonder if she thought about her choice later in life.  Merv became a multi-millionaire starring in a talk show on TV and producing many famous TV game shows.   Frank joined the Navy after graduation.  He and Dad were on the same ship, in the engineers dept. 4 years.  Frank would  bring home boys who lived out of state every leave.  At that time Frank was dating Joan.  Joan & her mom would have down to their house in Belmont (on 101 south of San Mateo).  There we would play records, dance, etc. 

I met Dad at Joan's house.  Joan eventually dated & married Jim Moon also a member of the ship's engineering dept. and Frank married Darlene.  An American Indian girl.  They are still married and Frank sends us notes occasionally, which is where this pix came from.  Darlene's grandmother pierced my ears the old Indian way.  She put my head in her lap while kneeling on the floor and used a raw potatoe & needle.  Hope this makes sense.  Love,  MOM

Carolyn's mom-Georgia-and a friend ready for the Junior Prom.

Carolyn's mom, Georgia on the right with

Uncle John Klam and wife Kathy




Carolyn's mom is a wonderful pianist.

this is a photo of Carolyn's mom and uncle...Georgia Mae Klam Gregory and John Klam

A baby photo of Carolyn's mom-Georgia Klam Gregory-about 1935 or 1936.

This is two photos blended together to show Georgia Klam Gregory's family...

from the left is Aunt Marianne Klam Ek, Uncle John Klam,

Georgia, her father...George Klam and her mother (also seen below)...Minnie Pauline Horch Klam.



This is Carolyn's maternal grandma-Minnie Pauline Horch Klam Hurst.


Carolyn & her mom with baby Jeremy, 1976.



This is Carolyn's father, Richard Bennett Gregory and his sister, Judith Carolyn Gregory Meuth.  

The next photo is of Aunt Judy at about 13 years old...then her high school graduation photo.

This is a photo of grandmother...Ethel Remole Gregory Goldsberry.


This a photo of Richard Bennett Gregory's paternal grandparents...Judieth Ann Jennings (known in her 'grandma' years as Aunt Jude) & Rice E. Gregory...the next photo is "Aint" Jude in her last years. Aunt Jude grew up in a small community with many Jennings living near each other.  So, for all her growing up she was known as "cousin Jude".  My dad said she had the most beautiful handwriting he had ever seen.  She was a school teacher and at one point a leader in a group of women who sold life insurance to other women.

There is some confusion about the spelling of Aunt Jude's name.  On her birth certificate it is spelled "Judieth", on her headstone it is spelled "Judith".  I don't know how she signed her name...I wish I had some letters from her or something to show the correct spelling.


This is Carolyn's dad in his Navy uniform and on ship with a couple buddies. Dad had noticed a group of 4 or 5 LDS sailors on his they didn't swear, smoke, drink or go "carousing" when on leave like other sailors.  He admired them for holding their Sunday Services together.  When the Mormon missionaries came to our home my mother said, "you can come and play basketball with the boys, but no teaching..." then my dad said, "Georgia, I think we need to hear what they have to say." My whole family was baptized on June 15, 1968, the day after my little sister's 8th birthday!

Grandaddy Gregory holding baby Judie-1986.

Mari-Sue, Grandaddy Richard Gregory, Carolyn

Grandaddy Gregory holding little Jeremy

Some clippings I found of my dad...about 1975




Carolyn in her senior year of high school.


These are some quilts made by Carolyn's grandmother...Ethel Remole Gregory Goldsberry.  Every stitch was by hand.  She made dozens of these beautiful quilts during her lifetime.

These little cousins are snuggling under the "baby doll" quilt...from the left:  Jessica Gurr,

Amber Gregory, Jeanie Gurr & Amanda Gregory.


Carolyn & grandmother with her graduation gift...the famous 'log cabin' quilt.


Carolyn's paternal grandmother, Ethel Remole Gregory Goldsberry is 2nd from the right

with a few of her brothers and sisters.The man on the right is Uncle Allie Remole-I don't know the others.


Family trip to KY-July, 2009

Carolyn & best friend, Marsha Walters Carrier

Carolyn's mother, Georgia with her name-sake-baby Georgia Belle Jameson


Judie Gurr Hall with her grandparents, Richard & Georgia Gregory and Judie's baby, Rosie, and Jeanie's baby, Georgia.


Cute little returned missionary, Jessica and her 'poppo'.

Cute Jeanie and her great-aunt Judith Carolyn Gregory Meuth

Jared, Jordan, Jacob-standing

Jessica & Jerry sitting


Jimmy, grandaddy, Jerry & Carolyn at Rockin' R Ranch 2016



This fuzzy photo is the the last taken of Carolyn's family together. 

In the back from the left is Mari-Sue, Richie (Bub), the front from the left is Jimmy,

Georgia (grams gregory) and Richard B. (grandaddy).



We also visited the Parthenon in Nashville, TN on this trip.



We also went to see Mammoth Caves in KY and it was awesome!

We also visited Nauvoo, IL and had this funny photo taken.


On the way home from Kentucky we stopped at Branson, MO and saw an awesome magic/animal show.




Aunt Jude told my mother that if the baby had lived

to her 1st birthday she would have been named Mary Susan Gregory.


just a bench in the Gregory cemetery...





Jerry is in the center...this is his Bishopric...he was Bishop of the

Boulder Mountain Ward in Mesa, AZ for five years from 2004-2009.


Jerry served in the Alabama/Florida Mission.


Some photos of Jerry growing up:



Jerry with sisters Pat & Carolyn


Jerry's blessing day


Jerry's Seminary Graduation Day


Jerry's parents, LaRue Willis Gurr and Wilford Marsh Gurr, Jr. on their 50th wedding anniversary.

LaRue's 96th birthday-2016


This pitcher was painted by Grandma LaRue Gurr









Grandma LaRue with her kids and their spouses.


1986 or 1987...All the kids welcoming home

Grandma and Grandpa Gurr from their mission to Hawaii.  Grandpa's first mission was to Hawaii in 1942. 

He was there when Pearl Harbor was bombed and was immediately

called from his mission duty to 'watch' duty.  He had to stay awake all night

on a hilltop and watch that every light was out in the town below.



Jerry's parents and brothers and sisters.


Jerry & Carolyn with Wilford & LaRue



Jerry and his siblings went on a family history trip in are some photos:

From left to right:  Bob, Leesa, Lori, Carolyn, Eilene, Pat, Julie, Jerry...

Story of the "tie miracle"...Jerry was so upset to see that we had forgotten to pack a tie for the trip.  He's never gone to the temple without a tie.  As they were walking in, a man was walking out and for some reason was untying his tie???  He gave Jerry his tie!!


Jerry and his siblings at the grave of Reuben Gurr



LaRue Willis & Wilford Marsh Gurr, Jr.


We found this ancient photo...the family on the left is Wilford Gurr, Sr. and wife Leatha. 

Leatha is holding Thelma Lou (we think) and little Wilford Gurr, Jr. (Jerry's dad) is the blond boy.

This has to be about 1921 because Wilford, Jr. was born in 1919.


This is Don Willis on the left; Jerry's great-grandmother, Martha Ellen Alger (Church) and LaRue Willis Gurr on the right.  This would have been about 1924 when LaRue was about 3 years old, soon after her mother, Marthella Church Willis died in the giant flu epidemic leaving 3 small children, Don, LaRue and baby Mary.  Poor Martha in this photo would have just recently lost her beautiful 32-year old daughter, Marthella and was taking care of the 3 children left motherless.


We loved our motorhomes...they provided lots of fun and we were able to let people live in them when it was needed.


This was our Chandler, AZ home...Jessica, Judie & Jonah were born while we lived here (1983-1990).

Our Mesa home we built and moved into on Jeanie's 10th birthday (Aug. 25, 1990),

then moved out almost exactly 13 years later.  It was a really fun

home with two 'secret' rooms, and lots of space for our family.

Our home in East Mesa.  We lived here from August 2004 to the middle of April 2011.



Our home in San Tan Valley, Arizona, We lived here from April 2011 to the present..

Our giant table-Sunday dinners are great! 

We actually used two and sometimes three tables for those Sunday dinners!

My mom's piano.  She loved this.  I hope she's happy with how many grandchildren really play this piano and love it!