Gurr missionaries...


Jerry with his mission president, Hartman Rector, Jr. and wife. President Rector was a General Authority, and convert and wonderful speaker.  He wrote several books and autographed 3 for Jerry... "No More Strangers".



Jerry served his mission in the Southern States Mission...which was then parts

of Alabama, Georgia and all of Florida.




Jeremy served in the Winnipeg, Canada mission. He wrote "the field is white"

on the back of this photo.


Joshua and Jason served their missions at the same time...Joshua in New York South ASL mission and

Jason in the New York North ASL mission.


Jason & Joshua...



Justin served in the New York North ASL mission.

Justin is 3rd from the left.  These missionaries got flowers, gifts and cards and then took a

photo to send their moms for Mother's Day...made some happy moms!


Jonah served the 1st half of his mission in the Los Angeles, CA-ASL mission and the

2nd half in the Mesa, AZ family history center.

Jessica and Jonah entered the MTC at the same time for their missions.  Jessica served in the

New York North mission-Spanish speaking (with some time English and some time ASL assignments)

Here we are dropping Jonah and Jessica off at the MTC in Provo.  From the left is Jared,

Jessica, Jacob, Jonah, Mom, Dad and Jordan in the front.

Jonah and Jessica at the MTC

Jessica in the center with two other sister missionaries.


Jacob (center/right) served his mission in Anaheim, CA (ASL)


Jared served in the New York/Rochester Mission


Jared signing at the Hill Cumorah Pageant


Jordan-Ghana/Accra West Mission





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