This is our family history, past, present and future. We begin in 1763 when Catherine the Great was Czarina of all the Russias and she issued a degree to those in Germany promising them religious freedom; military exemption forever; complete control over local government and schools; a parcel of land for each family; exemption from paying taxes for 10 years and interest-free loans. Catherine, being a German, had married Peter I of Russia. Her object was to build a stonger, smarter Russia. Most all of the Germans who came into Russia remained in their own little German provinces and became known as German-Russians.

My husband's family traces its lineage from Peter Rucker who left Gravesend, England in circa 1725 and sailed the high seas landing on the Atlantic coast of Virginia. Our future is represented in the lives of our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Family or Phamily, however you spell it is the main theme of these pages.

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